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12 August 2009

Domestic Waste Water Processing Using Enceng Gondok

The process that occurs in the system wet land made for domestic waste water treatment is the process of physics, chemistry and biology due to the interaction between microorganisms, plants and substrate.

Which plays an important role in this process is the process of respiration and photosynthesis performed by plants, water. This plant is able to suck oxygen from the air through the leaves, stem, root and rhizomanya who then released again. Plants that are used to process domestic waste water in this research is the water hyacinth.

Plants planted this half of the broad area of surface reactor. Waste water is treated domestic waste water is channeled from the channel domestic waste water disposal in the Village Tlogomas Municipality of Malang in East Java. Berdiameter the gravel between 3 - 4 mm placed in a reactor with a height of three-quarters of the reactor depth. All walls and dibeton bed reactor with 20 cm thickness. Domestic waste water channeled from the channel domestic waste water disposal to the Inlet reactor continuously, and after the processing in the reactor is filled with sand and planted with water hyacinth, and exit from the outlet. Debit bait waste water = 9.29 m3/hari, Volume = 58.824 m3 reactor, Volume = 29.412 m3 liquids, stay time = 3.17 days.

Sampling is done at the Inlet and outlet reactor. Parameter analysis is performed:

1. T-N (spektrofotometri method),
2. T-P (spektrofotometri method),
3. COD (closed reflux method),
4. TSS (gravimetri method) and pH (pH meter).
5. TSS value outlet average 180 mg / l, is below the required standard of quality that is 200 mg / l.
6. Average efficiency of 31.7% TSS. Total P-value outlet average 0.8 mg / l, still above the required standard of quality that is 0.1 mg / l.
7. Average efficiency of Total-P 42.64%.
8. Total Value-N outlets average 32.5 mg / l, still above the standard quality required is 20 mg / l.
9. Average efficiency of Total-N 52.13%. Outlet COD values average 225 mg / l, still above the value of the required quality standard is 100 mg / l.
10. The average value of COD treatment efficiency of 42.1%.
11. PH value of waste water does not mean that changes in the value ranges between 6 and 8.
12. Time of harvesting crops should be done once a month.

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