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14 August 2009

Tokyo Gas Halves CO2 Emissions in World's First Hydrogen Production Technology

Tokyo Gas Co. verified on March 12, 2009, that the company succeeded in halving carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while maintaining a production efficiency of about 80 percent, which is the world's top efficiency level in hydrogen production from fossil fuel. This technology has high feasibility in the process of producing hydrogen with low CO2 emissions by utilizing the existing city gas pipelines.

Tokyo Gas is working to develop and verify highly-efficient hydrogen production equipment for hydrogen stations for fuel cell vehicles. Connecting the equipment to a CO2 separation and collection device, since November 2008 the company had been conducting the world's first demonstration test of CO2 separation and collection in the hydrogen production process.

Utilizing this technology for the future, the company is planning to establish a "Local Hydrogen Network" to achieve further CO2 reductions by providing the hydrogen focused on the hydrogen stations and using highly-efficient fuel cells. The company also aims to realize a low-carbon society in the future by expanding the utilization of hydrogen.

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