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16 July 2010

DarkWave Studio 3.0.6: Virtual Sound Studio to compose your own music

Audio Editors/Recorders

DarkWave Studio 3.0.6 is a publisher of real-time sound that is organized into several tabs. The main contains a virtual sound studio where they can add modules with the right mouse bot ion.

In addition to supporting VST and ASIO plugins, DarkWave Studio 3.0.6 includes eight modules, such as a MIDI input, a mixer, or a percussion synthesizer. Everyone can connect with virtual wiring dragging the mouse from the links below.

Pattern Tab Editor is a pattern in which you can modify the sound using control messages. DarkWave Studio 3.0.6 also has a multi-track sequencer very easy to use. Finally, the tab HD Recorder will record audio in real time within the project and save it as WAV files.

With a very low resource consumption, a sleek interface and a range of functions than enough, DarkWave Studio 3.0.6 will help you compose music with ease.

Size: 2.43 MB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2009-7-15
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

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