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18 July 2010

Coconut Oil As Diesel Fuel Substitute

Utilization of Palm Oil as a Source of New Energy Departure from the concerns of the fishermen will have difficulty in accessing remote areas for diesel fuel, Central Library Desrial, M. Eng, Chairman, Department of Agricultural Technique, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) developed an innovative converter fuel oil into diesel fuel equivalent. Fishermen living in coastal areas, will certainly younger than the solar access of coconut oil. Coconut is grown in many coastal areas can be used for various things, one of which is to transform the flesh into coconut milk and coconut oil, and separates between fat and water. Fat is then to be coconut oil. Meanwhile, to make one liter of coconut oil, it takes twenty coconuts.
In addition to these efforts, coconut oil can also be obtained from copra. Copra is dried coconut flesh and oil contain as much as 34.7 percent. After drying, copra cut into small pieces. Then by pressing the discount will produce palm oil. Coconut oil was precipitated and filtered. Screening results are given alkali potassium hydroxide (KOH) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to remove free fatty acids. Then clarified by absorbing the color of charcoal (carbon) is active. Sorting the coconut that will be made when the dried copra. Copra is later to be sold to a dealer to be used as cooking oil Filing coconut Basically, coconut oil has a viscosity of 50-60 degrees centi-Stokes (cSt). But with heating oil at a temperature of 80-90 degrees Celsius, the degree of viscosity of palm oil was going to match the degree of solar is 5 cSt viscosity. Coconut oil is heated by using the coil in the exhaust shaft. After reaching the temperature of 80-90 degrees centigrade, dikabutkan coconut oil to diesel engine combustion chamber. Coconut oil Here are experiencing the same process as diesel fuel, palm oil burned to produce energy of motion machine. To purchase a cooling coil and modify diesel engine exhaust into palm oil converter will cost around Rp. 100 000. Even so, the cost is still cheaper than the cost incurred by the fishermen to buy diesel fuel continuously. In addition to efforts undertaken by IPB lecturer, actually has a lot of work done by the other parties to create new energy sources, including by young people. Various efforts, it is hoped will inspire young children to continue to innovate and develop technology-technology that seeks to preserve the environment and fight climate change.
Adapted from Kompas, May 21, 2010, pp. 14.

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