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25 January 2010

Arguing ethics

By Prof. Dr. H. Fauzul Iman MA
In Arabic, the debate known as the al-mujadalah. The word al mujadalah seakar with al-jidal said that means a heated debate. Other opinions mean a rope tied firmly. From here, said al-jidal debate implies that done in a good way and based on strong arguments and correct.
Word of God Almighty,''And, let them argue with a good way.''(Sura Annahl [16]: 125). Commenting on this verse indicates the necessity Wahbah Zuhaili arguing with said gently, be clean, and seeks to avoid words that insult or insulting tone.
Similar opinion expressed by Jaritsah Ali in his book al-Adab Al-Hiwar wa Munazarah (Ethics Dialogue and Discussion). He presented tips for creating a good sense of the discussion. First, be orderly. Second, talk delivered in a language that is not long-winded. Third, avoid speaking out of context.
Order does not in a hurry in the opinion. A first understand the problem carefully and mature. After feeling well, participants can express their opinion by asking the actual ideas.
Similarly, participants who asked. Should be, he asked the question by first doing a screening accurate information. The question must also be delivered with polite words that do not offend other people and cornering.
In such ways, the debate will be spared from the conversation or rambling lawsuits and invite invective tone of anger. "It is not the faithful, who like to revile, curse, talk dirty, and hurt," because the Prophet Muhammad.
However, very unfortunately, we still find people who do not uphold the ethical debate in the deliberations. String of dirty words and inappropriate often spoken by those who should give the example. Ironically, the dirty words that just came out when they were about to decide the policy to meet the lavatory noble people.
Somehow the fate of this nation would forward if the noble values and personality of a nation torn by the children of the nation itself. In a country situations profanity because this multidimensional crisis, we need a calm and sensible solutions to various problems that knot. So, they should all uphold the elite ethics. The main thing is being honest, responsible, trustworthy, and polite in speaking so as not to provoke the anger of the people.

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