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29 January 2010

New Japanese Wind Turbine Allows Small-scale Users to Sell Electricity to Power Companies

Zephyr Corporation Inc., a Japanese manufacturer of small-scale renewable power generation systems, on February 20, 2008, began marketing three models of its new Owl series, its latest line of wind power and wind/solar hybrid power generation systems designed for households, schools, and office buildings.

All three models of the Owl series have an Internet server pre-installed as standard equipment to provide a remote monitoring function via the Internet to check and record the amount of electricity generated and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions avoided -- a world first. The equipment also enables the sale of any excess electricity generated to the grid of power companies -- another world first in the small-sized wind power market. Moreover, it has a panel that displays information on weather conditions, the amount of electricity generated, and how much CO2 emissions have been avoided.

The Owl Express model is a wind or combined wind and solar hybrid power generation system for households, schools, or office buildings, which includes all the equipment needed to sell and transmit any excess electricity generated to power companies. Owl Next is a wind and solar hybrid system designed as an independent power source for schools. With enhanced data collection and display functions, it also helps provide students with practical education on climate change and renewable energy. Owl Plus is a more basic wind and solar hybrid system designed especially for first-time users, including households, to begin enjoying the benefits of renewable energy right away.

- Japan's Market for Small Wind Power Systems Growing Rapidly (Related JFS article)

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