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09 January 2010

He found that previous religions had much distorted, especially those associated with the concept of divinity.

He gained a diploma in the field of Christian theology. However, Christian knowledge so deep, making this middle-aged women love Islam. Rushbrook who changed the name Waris Maqsood Ruqaiyyah after embracing Islam, is one of the authors of books of Islam's most productive. Dozens of books related to Islam have been written by women born London, England, this 1942 year. His books include best sellers and a reference and a reference in various countries.

Long before turning to Islam, Ruqaiyyah born and raised in a Protestant Christian environment. Original name is Rosalyn Rushbrook. She earned a diploma in Christian Theology from the University of Hull, England, in 1963, and a master's in education from the same place in 1964. For nearly 32 years, he managed the course of religious studies at various schools and colleges in the UK. He also had served as head of Religious Studies at William Gee High School, Hull, England.

Christian knowledge is so deep, making written several books about Christianity. But who would have thought if such an in-depth knowledge about the senses precisely Christian. He found the Christian doctrine which he believed had been much distorted, especially those associated with the concept of divinity.

With the knowledge he has, Ruqaiyyah move on its own initiative to seek the truth based on scientific studies, including studying the Bible. However, he eventually left the religion after struggling for years in search of her questions about the theological concept of the Trinity. He did not find anything. Finally in 1986, at the age of 44 years, Ruqaiyyah decided to embrace Islam.

Ruqaiyyah embraced Islam purely based on background knowledge and in-depth study of the teachings of the divine, both within Islam and Christianity. Like many other converts, he calls himself has 'returned' to be Muslim. Now, he's fighting for Islam through the writings and books.

In an interview with the media, he was asked about the Islamic concept of prophet Isa which in Christianity is Jesus. "Western countries, there are core ethical teachings of science on love and God's love and mutual help fellow human beings. That's all well taught by all prophets, including Prophet Muhammad SAW mad. We Muslims also believe in the Prophet Jesus as a prophet sent by God , "said Ruqaiyyah.

The decision to move Ruqaiyyah beliefs have consequences on the lives of his household. He decided to end her marriage with Bear English poet George Morris Kendrick, who has lived since 1964. From her marriage to George, they have two children, Daniel George born 1968 and Eva born Frances Elisabeth 1969. Later in the year 1990, she married a Pakistani man, Ali Waris Maqsood.

After preaching in writing to the Islamic pilgrimage, does not make Ruqaiyyah stop writing. On the contrary, he became more productive. More than 30 books about Islam he had written. Right now he has nine books are still in the process of publishing. He also wrote many articles in magazines and newspapers related to Islam and Muslims.

"We have condemned Islam as a religion problem. It is not fair. Therefore, I try to write to propagate the Islamic literature. Please be my, that through these writings, can help improve the atmosphere to less pro-Islamic," he said.

Books on Islam written quite diverse. Its not only the books category of 'heavy', such as books on Islamic history and issues surrounding Muslim women, but also books of guidance counseling for Muslim teenagers. There are also some pocket books, including A Guide for Visitors to Mosques, a dance Gui Marriage Booklet, Muslim Women's Helpline.

I am very interested to cultivate Islamic history, especially about the lives of women around the Prophet Muhammad. I mengcounter often anti-Islamic campaign to discredit the Muslim woman.

By the Muslim community in England, he was also asked to compile a textbook on Islam. Text books of this work is widely used in England for nearly 20 years. The books were used by the personal, convert, and students of public schools and madrassas in the UK and other countries.

He also helped develop the syllabus for students of religious schools, in cooperation with the local education office. Silabusnya classified as unique, created specifically for independent learners. So, without a teacher or a permanent facility can walk. Silabusnya designed for primary school students to college ting gi. Interestingly again, the book can be used for formal education, non-formal, for example at home, even in prison. Ruqaiyyah now also active as a tutor distance (distance learning) for the Association of Muslim Researchers (AMR) is another activity of his.

Teaching activities are also solid. Many countries have disambanginya, including the U.S., Canadian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Ireland, and Singapore. Ruqaiyyah also taught at several universities in the UK, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow and Manchester. Also, teaches at the School of Oriental and Arabic Studies in London.

Ruqaiyyah accept Muhammad Iqbal Award in 2001 for creativity and service, in developing a methodology of Islamic teaching. He was the first British Muslim who had received such a prestigious gift. Not only that, in March 2004 Ruqaiyyah selected as one of the 100 women achievers in the world. In the election arena Daily Mails Real Women of Achievement, Waris Maqsood Ruqaiyyah including one of seven women achievers in the religious category. he / taq / various sources

Muslim Name: Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

Real name: Rosalyn Rushbrook

Born: 1942

Converted to Islam: 1986

First Husband: George Morris Kendrick (Divorce)

Child: Daniel George and Frances Eva Elisabeth

Second Husband: Ali Waris Maqsood

Occupation: Writer


1. News Awards for Excellence (2001)

2. Muhammad Iqbal Award (2004)

3. One of the seven winners of the Daily Mail's Real Women of Achievement.

4. One of four recipients Global Peace and Unity Lifetime Achievement Award (2008).

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