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09 January 2010

Ingrid Mattson, Know Islam Through Art

Ingrid Mattson's name could be a topic of conversation in the Western media when his name entered in a list of figures who were invited to the inauguration after candidate Barack Obama President of the United States (U.S.) from the Democratic Party win in elections.

As reported by the Associated Press (AP), Mattson is president of the Islamic Community of North America (ISNA) is one of the religious leaders who will speak at a prayer event held at the National Cathedral in Washington DC the day after Obama's inauguration as president of the United States to 44 . Invitation was addressed to Mattson reap the American public controversy. Therefore, the relevant federal prosecutor suspects linked to terrorist networks. As is known, in July 2007, federal prosecutors in Dallas, told ISNA sue for allegedly having with a network of Islamic organization Hamas in Palestine, the U.S. government classified as a terrorist organization.

However, both Mattson and his organization was never punished. Prosecutors claimed only to have the evidence and testimony that could link the group to Hamas and other radical networks. Previously, Canadian-born Muslim of 1963 was also a surprise to have a meeting with Pentagon officials over the Bush administration. He also attended the Mass Democratic National Convention in Denver when Obama ran for president.

U.S. government and ISNA actually have a relationship of good cooperation. These groups provide religious training to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Karen Hughes, Bush confidante, said that Mattson as a great leader and role model for many people. Mattson is a professor of Islamic studies at Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Connecticut.

He earned a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, in 1987. While his Ph.D. in Islamic studies he obtained from the University of Chicago in 1999. Study of Islamic Law and Society. During college in Chicago, he was much involved in the activities of the local Muslim community.

He sat in the ranks of the Director of the Universal School in Bridgeview and committee members of Interfaith Committee of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. Mattson also had settled in Pakistan and worked as a social worker for Afghan women refugees during the period 1987-1988. In 1995, he was appointed as an adviser for Afghanistan's UN delegation for the Commission on the Status of Women in charge.

While working in refugee camps in Pakistan this time he met the man who has become her husband, Amer Aetak, an engineer from Egypt. From their marriage, the couple was blessed with a daughter named Soumayya and one boy named Ubayda.

Although currently most involved in religious activities and served as President of ISNA, an organization based on the largest Muslim community in the U.S., but Mattson grew and grew in a Christian environment in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. His father was a criminal lawyer, while her mother worked at home raising her seven children.

Mattson stopped going to church at the age of 16 years on the grounds no longer believe what the church teaches. While studying at the University of Waterloo, he studied art and philosophy, which emphasizes freedom dinilainya someone to vote.

''A year before I became Muslim, I spent my time looking and seeing things related to art. We follow the educational philosophy and art, I sat for hours in darkened classrooms to see and listen to my professor explained through infokus projector, he explained about the power of the work of Western art,''he said as quoted from whyislam.org site.

Islam face
While at Waterloo, he had worked at the Department of Fine Arts, one task prepares the slides and art catalogs. Therefore every time you log into the library, according to Mattson, it was always collected art books of history. And to obtain materials for purposes of making art catalog, he was forced to go to a museum in Toronto, Montreal and Chicago.

In fact, he must give up his spring vacation was spent at the Louvre Museum located in the middle of the City of Paris. While in Paris this for the first time in his life Mattson met with a Muslim. He called this moment as 'the summer I met Muslims'.

''I always remembered going to this event,''he said. What he was looking for this, said Mattson, only in relation to all works of art depicted in visual form. Western civilization is known to have a tradition of describing something in a visual form, including the description of the existence of God.

''We have a lot to make the mistake of thinking that seeing means to recognize, and the more exposed one is, the more important person.''However, the end of the quest of the art has brought Mattson met two artists, both men and women, who does not make sensual sculptures and paintings of the Lord. ''They know God has a different way, appreciate the leader, and appreciate the work of a woman.''

The image of Islam which he got from both his new friends, bring Mattson on Islamic face recognition the better. He stated that Islamic civilization did not subscribe to anything in the system of representation in the form of visual recall and praise the Lord and appreciate a prophet.

God''is something hidden. Hidden in the reflection of human eyes. However, people who have the vision to recognize the Lord by watching, studying the influence of the strength of His creation.''In addition to representations of God, Islam also prohibits any depiction of the Prophet of God.

Muslims only write their names in the form of calligraphy. The words, writings, and words and noble character in life is the main medium for Muhammad in the spreading influence throughout his flock. From here then Mattson became interested to study the beliefs held by her friends that this Senegalese origin.

He also began digging about the divinity and personality of Muhammad through the Quran translation. After a lot of learning more about Islam from the Qur'an, Mattson finally realize and believe in God. ''Your choices reflect who you are. Although there are limitations, but always available opportunity to choose the best,''he said.

What makes it even more interested in Islam is that all the people of Muhammad are not just follow in terms of worship, but also in all aspects of life, ranging from personal hygiene to on how to behave towards children and neighbors. All actions, speech, and behavior of the Prophet is called the sunna.

And the Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad's influence has been reflected in the lives of older people, young, rich, poor, which makes it as a role model for all followers. ''The first time I noticed the physical effects of the Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad in the younger generation of Muslims is when one day I was sitting in the mosque, watching my son who was 9 years old to pray beside mengajinya teachers. Ubayda sitting beside the teacher from Saudi Arabia who diligently and gently teach him that made him very respected and respectful,''he said. ed: sya

Islam is Love Sharing

Introduction Ingrid Mattson of the Islamic growing when he visited a number of countries that the majority Muslim population.

Some of the events that he encountered in these countries are, recognized Mattson, more to strengthen faith in Islam. Over a year, on his way to the Muslim countries he had witnessed in common a desire to share and always give each other as well as similarities among the deep conviction.

Food''enough for two people to three people and food enough for three to four people,''he said as he quoted the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad.

One of them was when he visited Kosovo. During the attack Serbia to Kosovo, many Muslim Albanians who provide their homes for refugee lawyer. In fact, one person cooking every day for 20 people in a modest house.

Likewise, when she married in Pakistan. As a social worker at the refugee camp, Mattson and husband do not have enough money. On his return from the wedding to the refugee camp, the Afghan women asked him about the clothes, gold jewelry, wedding rings and gold necklace given by her husband as a dowry.

''I showed them a simple gold ring and I tell you about the wedding dress that I borrowed to get married. Their faces changed to show feelings of sadness and sympathy.

''A week after the incident, while he was sitting in front of the tent of a dusty refugee camp, the Afghan women are to appear again. They come to him with a pair of bright blue satin with gold ornaments, a red sleeveless dress with a colorful and looking blue scarfwarna matching with clothes, as a wedding present.

''All I saw was a wedding gift is priceless to me, not only their support, but the lessons sincerity and empathy they give, which is a very sweet fruit of a true belief ". He / sya

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