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10 January 2010

Kisses are shocking Women

by Astrid Puspasari

Liputan6.com, Jakarta: Do you want to be a satisfactory partner for the lover? There are several things that can make your partner added sticky. Here are some pointers from Ask Men:

First, kiss the woman's eyelids with a soft and light in this area. Then the entire face, may also while praising her beauty.

Second, kiss his ear and then to the neck that continues into the shoulder. Many women like their necks kissed.

Third, hug your partner from behind, kissing her neck. Next, play your fingers from the ribs up to the intersection of hip.

Fourth, the occasional need to kiss and lick her neck and ears with great passion. But, remember, do not leave the saliva in his ear.

Fifth, do not say "thank you" after you enjoy it. Because, saying it would make him irritable and feels like a prostitute. Show your appreciation in other ways such as saying "you are stunning love" with sincerity.

Sixth, if you react too quickly, it only made her uncomfortable. However, do not be too long to hang until he was bored and disappointed. React at the right time, so the results would be extraordinary.

And, being smooth and always innovating to make partner as given a priceless gift. Make sure that you are. (ANS)

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