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09 January 2010

Wanted, Inventor 50 Extraordinary People

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JAKARTA - The Directorate General of Higher Education Department of National Education (Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry) in 2010 will seek as much as 50 inventors who have findings that extraordinary implications. They can come from individuals or institutions. To the best 50 will be rewarded as much as USD 250 million.

This was said by the Director General of Higher Education Ministry Fasli Jalal when opening 'Seminar on Implementation of Research for researchers and engineers Exact Year 2009 National Priorities' at the Hotel Millennium, Jakarta, Tuesday (15/12).

"It's a reflection of how we value people who perform extraordinary and had a lot of Indonesian people are also great achievers. We are not looking for and to reward them," said Fasli as reported by the National Education Ministry in a press release.

Fasli delivered, during 2009 the National Education Ministry in cooperation with various departments have been given gifts to 21 inventors who deserve to be called with the label inventors. While in 2010, he said, for a full year will be used for the announcement stage. "Just in 2011 we give a gift at the beginning of the third month," he said.

The seminar which runs from 15-16 December 2009 is presented research results of 171 researchers who are winners of the selection of research grants. Fasli mention, they come from various bodies of research and development departments and agencies under the Ministry of Research and Technology (Kemenristek) such as LIPI, BPPT, LAPAN, BATAN, and Bakosurtanal. From the 7900 team and 5004 listed the proposed research team, selected the ten best teams representing 25 institutions.

"So for example the Research and Department of Agriculture from 1300 which involved researchers selected only 10 teams that represent them here. Then from LIPI than 1111 researchers selected only 10 who presents his research team here," said Fasli.

Fasli mention, the researchers received research funding of Rp 50 million per person. The researchers can also combine with the team funds. "If they combined the five major research fund of Rp 250 million. The total we have already provided Rp 290 billion," he said. eye

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