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25 January 2010

Education Expert : Certification of Teacher is False, Should be Terminated

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BANDUNG - Certification of teachers who do not have an impact on improving teaching quality of teachers, it was predicted by education experts before the program was in effect. One expert who has already stated it is an expert on education of Indonesian Education University (UPI) Bandung, Said Hamid Hasan.

According to Said, from the beginning he has made the certification will have no impact on improving kualiatas. Certification''that the concept was wrong and just spend the money,''said Said told Republika, Tuesday (12 / 1).

Said assess what the actual certified by the government in the field was owned by the teacher. Because, it is sertikasi portfolio recognition capabilities already possessed a teacher. Teachers who teach, already has a certificate to teach but must have the certificate again.

''The concept of certification were wrong when associated increase kualiatas. Certification is stopped it. The teachers had no teaching certificate,''said Said.

If the government wants teachers in Indonesia have a certain capability, Said continued, do not need associated with the certification. Instead, teachers are given training. After completing training, the new certificate given in accordance with what has been drilled.

During this, Said says, to meet the certification requirements there are some teachers from attending a seminar just to get the certificate. It was natural, he said, because they are not designed for the seminar. ''If they do not have a current certificate of seminars and in droves looking for seminar certificates, it's not their fault,''he explained.

Because the teacher certification program is already running, said Said, will be abolished if the government should take to eliminate the rare gaps between teachers who already have certification and are not. One way that could be taken, he added, all the teachers who already have the title deed S1 and teaching, should obtain a certificate in accordance with the rights that have been certified teachers.

''For S1 teachers who have not entered the program should be given S1. If you do not have a teaching certificate, must take the first certificate program,''firmly Said.t.

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