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03 January 2010

BIDIK MISI Scholarship Program

Thursday, 17 December 2009 - Starting in 2010, the Ministry of National Education provides opportunities for 20 thousand graduates of SMA / SMK / MA / MAK / 2010 Package C achievers from poor families are economically and have the academic ability to pursue higher education through Aim Mission Scholarship Program.

There are 83 universities Affairs Ministry of National Education and Higher Education 22 Ministry of Religious Affairs who would be implementing Scholarship Program 2010 MISSION Sound this. Scholarship quotas are set according to the number of new students accepted each year and / or the total number of students at these universities.

Wednesday (16/12) at Masson Pine Hotel Bandung is the signing of the MoU between the Director General of Higher Education, the college leaders scholarship program implementers Aim Mission witnessed by Minister of National Education Republic of Indonesia.

"Thank God, we can give an answer to the many problems of education in Indonesia. This is part of the commitment and social responsibility of universities ", said Mr. Minister, Prof.. Dr. Ir. Moh. Nuh, DEA in his briefing.

According to the minister is the father of one hundred-day program of National Education Ministry is completed before the time (last January 31). "This is more proof that we are intelligent people. Different people are not smart and intelligent is determined by the speed in solving problems. If smart people are usually quickly done. And I give cumlaude value, added Mr. Minister.

"The first goal is to give hope to the children - children of the nation with good academic skills, but came from families that are economically disadvantaged, do not ever stop dreaming that there are countries that prepared the scholarship, at least to public universities" the father said Director General of Higher Education, Prof.. Dr. Fasli Jalal, Ph.D.

With this scholarship, according to Director General Mr. lowest percentage of poor 20 currently only about 3.3 percent of accessing higher education can be improved. The imbalance of the richest 20 percent of children with poor bottom 20 which is currently 10 per cent in gapnya access to higher education can continue to be reduced. Even according to their DG could be an actor that would cut the chain of poverty. They will lift themselves and their families economically.


Requirements necessary to obtain a scholarship Aim Mission 2010:

1. Students SMA / SMK / MA / MAK / C package scheduled graduation in 2010

2. Came from families that can not economically

3. Academic achievement / curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular.

4. Education programs can choose Diploma III, IV and scholars S1

5. Each candidate can choose a maximum of two courses, either in a college or at two different universities.

This scholarship is awarded from the student's stated accepted and began the academic activities in universities, to finish 8th semester (for the IV and diploma programs S1) and semester 6 (for the Diploma Program III) with the provisions of a student scholarship recipient is active.

Information about the guidelines and application form can be found on the link below:

* Shoot Mission Scholarship Guide.
* Shoot Mission Scholarship Form.

:: Further information about scholarships Sight Mission.

Author: Irwandi

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