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02 January 2010

Sue Hatton Mayweather Problem Doping Allegations

Source : http://id.news.yahoo.com/antr/20091231/tsp-pacquiao-gugat-mayweather-soal-tuduh-424bac1.html

Los Angeles (ANTARA News / Reuters) - Expectations shows of the world's most expensive fight between Manny Pacquaio and Flyod Mayweather Jr., have another obstacle after Filipino boxer's camp shot a lawsuit against his opponent.

quaio sued Mayweather, U.S. boxer's father Fyold Sr., his uncle Roger and Golden Boy Promotions accusing him of using drugs because of hyper power.

In the lawsuit through a federal court in Las Vegas that Mayweather is required to pay the compensation of U.S. $ 75,000, and the impact of the law

Oscar de la Hoya and Richard Shaefer, who runs Golde Boy Promotions and a promoter for Mayweather, also a defendant.

"Hatton can not accept the false accusations and rush it," said Pacquiao lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli.

"So the plan or the cancellation of this fight, he did not want to let people openly accused him of being a fraud," Petrocelli said.

"He has no choice but to cast this lawsuit to keep the good name and reputation is achieved through hard work for years," he said.

"The value of 75 thousand dollars is the minimum to be submitted to federal court. The impact of reputation Hatton could reach tens of millions of dollars, not including the impact of the law," he added.

Pacquiao said last week that he had lost his patience.

"Enough is enough. These people, Mayweather Senior, Junior, and Golden Boy Promotions thinks it's a joke and felt really accuse others use drugs," said Pacquaio in his personal website (www.mpboxing.com).

"I assure to everyone that I am not using any illegal drugs, and accomplishments I achieved was the result of hard work, hard work, and so bloody in the ring," said Pacquaio.

Plan WBO Welter class struggle became uncertain after the proposed Mayweather, undefeated U.S. tennis player, so dope test conducted by Olympic standards Hatton's camp rejected.

Mayweather's camp asked for blood and urine tests at random before the game and according to the planned March 13 that, as mandated by the U.S. Antidoping Agency.

Pacquiao had earlier agreed pengampilan blood before the press conference was held and after a game but he did not agree when taking blood done within 30 days.

Hatton defend the World Boxing Organization title last November by beating people with the title fight Miguel Cotto in 12 rounds in Las Vegas, after winning seven titles in seven different classes.

Match between Pacquiao (50-3-2) against the undefeated boxer Mayweather (40-0) is expected to become one of the most profitable game in the history of boxing.

Arum said he did not agree with the way the blood taking before playing it, because it will affect and weaken Hatton.

Promoters said, more serious training is scheduled in the Philippines petinjunya it. "Look at athletes the NFL, NBA or Major League Baseball that includes professional athletes. They do a` a `random," he said.

"Blood tests before tending to affect the athletes, because he got a puncture needle and bleeding in large amounts," he said.

Arum said he did not agree with the way blood pengampilan as Mayweather's camp dimaui and considered "sabotage" in the game plan.

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