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14 February 2010

Color Changing Planet Pluto

Republika Online

LONDON - Scientists Space Agency United States (NASA) revealed, the planet Pluto is small and located at the end of the solar system is now increasingly red. The pictures taken Hubble space telescope show that the planet is 20 percent more red than before.

The experts believe, the phenomenon is caused by changes in the ice on the surface of Pluto in the planet entered a new phase of the orbit for 248 years.

New pictures show a frozen nitrogen increasingly shining on the north and getting darker in the south.

"These changes are likely the effect of melting ice at the poles of the sun, while at the other pole of frozen," the statement Telescope Science Institute for NASA Space, Friday (5 / 2) The

But some experts expressed surprise astromoni with these changes. ''A little surprising to see these changes happen so large and so fast, "said Marc Buie, of the Southwest Research Institute." It never happened before. "

In 2006, the astronomical revoke the status of Pluto as a planet full of a small planet. Planet is located very far away and far smaller than the eight other planets in this solar system is much smaller than a few months in space.

The astronomers also predicted, this red color does not affect the predicted temperature in pluto. Although there are reddish color, the surface temperature of Pluto is still very cold, at the point-233C.

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