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16 February 2010

Excessive, Student Fire Because of Facebook

Mayor Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands province (Riau Islands), Suryatati A Manan, excessive rate of school actions that took four students because the teacher insulted through social networking site Facebook. "The school seems too much, these children also have the right to learn," he said after attending Suryatati Lunar New Year celebration in Jalan Merdeka 2561 Tanjungpinang, Sunday.
Suryatati said, should these children be fostered before final action by the school. "I'll call the Head of City Education Department Tanjungpinang," said Suryatati.
Meanwhile, the Governor of Riau Islands, Ismeth Abdullah, admitted not knowing the problems of four students in high school 4 Tanjungpinang City who was expelled from school for insulting a female teacher with a dirty word through social networking Facebook. "I'll check first, then I will call Tanjungpinang mayor," he said.
Previously, Head of City Education Department Tanjungpinang, Ahadi, assess actions return four schools to the parents of their students was in accordance with the rules. These students return on their effect on jfacebook in contempt of a teacher. "We assess the action taken in accordance with the school's rules and we support the actions taken by the school for these students return to their parents," Ahadi said.
According to Ahadi, four 4 Tanjungpinang high school students should know that their actions were a result of the teacher's credibility tainted in cyberspace. "All the teachers also agreed to return them to their parents, because their actions were not the only one who did not act properly, if at all possible was given a reprimand or a warning letter," he said.
High School Vice Principal 4 Tanjungpinang, Yose Rizal said, the words are written the students in the social networking site that was called something sensitive to a woman.
source: Republika

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