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13 February 2010

Couple Escape Acts Facebook

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Introduction of Nt (14) to Feb (18) occurred since November 2008 through the social networking Facebook. The introduction was followed by exchanging phone numbers and there was more intensive communication between the two.

"It was their first meeting. Before they communicate via SMS and telephone," said Head of Public Relations Polda Metro Jaya, Joey Boy Kombes Amar, the Polda Metro Jaya, Tuesday (9/2/2010).

Nt a junior high student status as class II in Sidoarjo, East Java, and Feb which dropped out of school as class II in one of the SMK in Tangerang and unemployment status is now planned to go together if both are met.

"They have good communication. One in Sidoarjo one in Tangerang. The intention is only to the streets. Nova is also going," said Boy.

For three days he left his parents, said the Boy, Nt went for a walk together in February and stayed at an old people's homes in February Cijeruk, Serang. "Parents suspects had objected when the suspect took the woman into the house and stay," he said.

On Monday night, go Boy, the victim wanted to go home one family in Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang, where the initial Nt before leaving. Prior to the BSD, the suspect took Nt first stop to his grandmother's house in Tangerang. At that moment, both in the police who were searching for the missing child received a report from the family Nt.

"They found another road near the house wanted to take his grandmother's house," he said.

As reported, Nt is a nephew of House members of the PDI-P faction, Joseph Umar Hadi, it came with his parents to Tangerang to attend an uncle's wedding Nt. However, after the Nova disappeared.

He was found Monday night and immediately divisum in RSCM. While in February and a suspect was arrested after questioning.

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