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14 February 2010

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Citizens in West Bank

Republika online
Saturday, 13 February 2010

Hebron - A number
of Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank, Friday, when he tried to stab them, said a military spokesman. The man, identified locally as Fayez Faraj (41), injured in the shooting in Hebron and taken to an Israeli hospital, but he later died.

Some residents said that Faraj, a father of 10 children, worked in a shoe factory. TV footage showed a small carving knife next to yellow body. Hebron, a Palestinian area of town where hundreds of Jews to live with one Israeli military garrison to protect them, often hit by violence.

Such incidents had subsided when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas tried to enforce the rule of law and order and economic turn in the West Bank that received U.S. support. "The troops shot and wounded the attacker after he tried to stab a soldier but he died in the ambulance that took him to the hospital," said a military spokesman.

Wednesday, a Palestinian policeman was killed a soldier stabbing Israel in the northern West Bank, in an incident that is the first fatal attack on Israel this year in the Middle East conflict.

The Israeli military said the soldier was killed Wednesday Ihab Chattib, a career NCO who comes from a city predominantly Druse Arabs in northern Israel. Israel condemned the attack and said it would try to bring whoever is responsible to court.

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad also condemned Wednesday's attack by saying, "The attacks against the Palestinian national interests and the efforts and commitment of the Government of Palestine." There is concern in Israel about the safety and effectiveness of the Palestinian forces that the U.S. educated in the West Bank, where Abbas has a limited mandate since lost control of the Gaza Strip.

Palestine is now a union of two separate areas - the Gaza Strip controlled by Hamas and the West Bank under the government of President Mahmoud Abbas. The split came after the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip in June of 2007 after defeating Fatah forces loyal to Abbas in a deadly battle for a few days.

European Union, Israel and the U.S. entered into the Hamas terrorist organization list. Hamas has so far remained involved in the conflict with Israel, which withdrew from the coastal region in 2005 but still memblokadenya. The war in and around Gaza erupted again after a six-month ceasefire ended on December 19, 2008.

Israel returned the Palestinian fighters firing rockets into the Jewish state by launching air strikes and a massive ground incursion into Gaza in a war that had no comparable criticism and condemnation from across the world.

Operation "Cast Lead" that Israel, which killed more than 1,400 people including hundreds of Palestinian civilians and destroying a large number of areas on the coastal line, claimed to aim to end rocket firing from Gaza. Thirteen Israelis have been killed during the war.

Middle East peace process since the conflict is bad, and Gaza Strip is controlled by Hamas was still blockaded by Israel.

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