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13 February 2010

Do Gratuitous Thank Friends on Facebook

SURABAYA, KOMPAS.com - Anxiety is very normal parents of negative cases due to misuse of social networking Facebook. Moreover, victims of the negative impact of Facebook and more. In this week alone there were two girls become victims because teenagers who ran away with the familiar through Facebook.

Saturday (6/2/2010) and Nova (13), student of class II Junior High School in Sidoarjo, disappeared from her family home in Cluster City Alamanda Block L 14, Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Tangerang. New Nova discovered by police on Tuesday (9/2/2010) in Tangerang early morning moments with her boyfriend, aka Ari Febriari Power (18). Surprisingly, the police, Nova bersebadan confessed that his girlfriend three times during the run.

Recent events happened to the Binsar, residents Taman, Sidoarjo. They reported to the police because her daughter called Abelina until Wednesday (10/2/2010) has not been home since Saturday (6/2/2010) ago. Abel, 22 high school girls Surabaya, allegedly ran away with the man she met through Facebook. The man was allegedly named Januar aka JeJe, who has an account on Facebook Abel.

On October 25, 2009, Latifah (16), student from Jombang, carried away the man known for his Facebook, Anis Asmara (41). During the disappeared, Latifah confessed in Jakarta and in Bali. In fact, admitted that he had married Latifah siri with Anis, who claimed to residents Gianyar, Bali.

Facebook is the new style of community to hang out. According Tonny, lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology University of Surabaya, there are negative and positive sides of social networking is called Facebook.

"Think back to the original purpose of making Facebook account. Is to make new friends, find old friends, or business, "says Tonny. Facebook is a social facilities are public.

So, as soon as someone writes or put a picture on the wall, must have known a lot. Well, that information should be submitted on Facebook do not get too personal. Photos too personally do not install.

If the account is intended to expand the network Facebook, add friends (add) whoever does not matter. However, back to you. Are "friends" on Facebook you can trust completely? For example there are people add your Facebook account using a name similar to the school friend. Need to ensure what it really your friend. "If your Facebook account is personal, should be selective in choosing new friends," said Tonny who pursue social psychology.

As far as contacts are made via Internet only, not a negative impact felt. However, if continued into the real world (see land), must be considered carefully. Be careful a lot safer. The promise of coffee should be ground in a public place or invite a friend.

"The problem arises when people really believed in his new acquaintance, invited everywhere will want to be," said Tonny. Thus, attention and parental supervision is required.

Keep in mind, in cyberspace, identity (ID) are fluid or liquid. People can use any ID to Facebook account. Want to defame someone so easily.

"I never met a case of a woman Facebook password is misused to spread the bad things, namely the claim to be sex workers," said Tonny. So, remember always to close the account before leaving the cafe because the password can be stolen from there.

Therefore, if the add (add friend), you should first check the information. Although not guarantee 100 percent safe, at least knew who he was. If not clear, in-ignore it.

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