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23 February 2010

Japan's Biomass Market Estimated to Approach 400 Billion Yen in FY2015

Fuji Keizai Co., a private Japanese research firm, announced on October 3, 2008, that it has released a report entitled "Biomass Utilization Market 2008: Total Picture and Future Outlook," which described the results of a survey on Japan's biomass market, conducted from May through August 2008. According to the report, the combined market for biomass technologies and biomass-derived products was worth 71 billion yen (about U.S.$789 million) in fiscal 2007, a 14 percent decline from the previous fiscal year. However, the report also says that the market is estimated to expand to 381.7 billion yen (about U.S.$4.24 billion) in fiscal 2015, on the grounds of a yearly increase in demand for biomass technologies and a steady growth of sales of biomass-derived products.
The report revealed the market status for nine biomass technologies, including direct biomass combustion and bio-gasification (methane fermentation) facilities, as well as eight biomass-derived products, such as biomass electricity, biogas, and bio-ethanol.
The report cited and analyzed three promising fields of the biomass market: bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, and bio-gasification facilities, in which methane is produced by anaerobically fermenting, such as food waste and livestock excrement. The report also examined the potential and future directions of biomass utilization businesses.
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http://www.japanfs.org/en/pages/027180.html- Fuji Keizai Group official website

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