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13 February 2010

Young victims of facebook

TANGERANG, KOMPAS.com - Social passed back to take its toll Facebook teenager. After Marietta Nova Triano (14), junior high school student who disappeared from Surabaya aunt's house in Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang South, this time it hit the U.S. (14), citizen Ciledug, Tangerang. Victim disappeared with AMJ (21), citizen Ngawi, East Java, from the house for four days from 1 to 4 February. They were arrested while in a hotel in Cibitung, Bekasi, Thursday (4/2/2010) last week.

"The perp was our stand here. In the meantime, the victim was undergoing psychological rehabilitation," said Metro Police Chief Tangerang Resort Great Maruli CC Commissioner Simanjuntak told reporters on Thursday (11/2/2010).

Maruli had asked the suspects responsible. In that interview the suspect who is unemployed claimed that the U.S. is the sixth victim of seduction. Five other victims, all high school students, has been seduced and fucked by direct acquaintance motives and finally to bed at the hotel. Meanwhile, the U.S. is the only known victim AJM through the electronic network.

Know two months
The suspect knew the victim through Facebook since November 29, 2009. In the virtual world of communication through that, they exchanged cell phone numbers and home addresses.

For two months they communicate with each other intensively. On January 29, the suspect gave the news to the victim through Facebook that he had come to live in Bekasi and one of the Cibitung housing. Armed with that information, the victim came to see him.

His parents, the victim asked for permission to follow lessons. However, since left les, the victim never came to be found with a man in a hotel in Bekasi.

"Parents victim finally reported to the police. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Bekasi police, we were chasing the suspect and the victim," said Maruli.

In accordance with the promise, the suspect and the victim met in front of one hotel in Cibitung. Furthermore, they fall into one of the hotels there. The suspect admitted, during the stay at the hotel, he had intercourse with the victim five times.

USD 5 million
Maruli said, before meeting with her boyfriend, the victim had stolen money from his parents' Rp 5 million. The money was used by victims to have fun with her boyfriend.

The suspect did not want to answer when asked whether he is telling the victim to steal the money his parents. He just shook his head and silenced.

Maruli said, the suspect was threatened with Law Number 23 Year 2002 on Child Protection, and Article 332 of Law Book Criminal Code for running a child under age. The threat of 5 years imprisonment.

Referring to the cases above, Maruli appeal to every parent should be more attentive to and control their children, especially those under age or immature.

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