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14 February 2010

Record Music or any voice Easily With Kat MP3 Recorder

Do you like singing? maybe you want to record your voice when sing a song :), or maybe you wanna record any voice chat conversation, your favourite video program, TV or game sound, or any voice you wish..this software maybe suitable for you. This softare called KAT MP3 Recorder. KAT MP3 Recorder is a versatile sound engine to turn your PC to a mini recording studio panel acting as a directly and real time sound recorder. KAT MP3 Recorder give you various recording features that support alot of popular format like MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AU, AIFF. Basically, KAT MP3 Recorder allows you to record any sound like music, voice or anything even it from CD or DVD players and record it virtually to your PC.

Wirh KAT MP3 Record you can use unlimited recording time limit (based on your free space size), schedule your record time automatically, and many other great features.

All those feature can you use without pay anything..it’s 100% free software, it’s great, right :) ?

Free Download KAT MP3 Recorder

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