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24 December 2009

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

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aiche-majarimagazineGood day, dearest reader..

Majari Picks: Web-of-the-Month is American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Today, if you’re thinking about a Chemical Engineering professional organization, the word AIChE should pop up on your mind. As far as I know, AIChe is the world’s leading organization for chemical engineering professionals. The only institution run by chemical engineers for chemical engineers. Founded in 1908 with more than 40,000 members from 93 countries until now.

As a member, we can access information on recognized and promising chemical engineering processes and methods through knowledge gained from AIChE’s eLibrary. Connecting with a global network of intelligent, resourceful colleagues and their shared wisdom. Find learning opportunities from recognized authorities. We can also views their latest chemical engineering news on CEP publication.

Unfortunately, some of AIChe benefits like scholarships, awards and competitions, conference and events, are only eligible for US citizen. But tools, career resources, eLibrary and more are online worldwide available.

And favorite options from AIChe is their FREE member registration for both, students and professionals.

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Salam Majari Kanayakan.

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