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29 December 2009

Back to Campus UGM

Suwarji, S.Pd

After more than a decade, the desire and enthusiasm to study again now raging again. Began on September 2, 2008 ago I attended the Masters in Systems Engineering (MST) Gadjah Mada University, Blue Campus Jogjakarta. I takes concentration processing program and municipal waste Treatment (TP2SLP).

Now I'm back again to the habitat that is long enough before I left. In 1986 I had been studying at the campus this blue, FMIPA precisely in the chemistry department. Remembering the past, not much physically different. Places penah become sweet memories, still remain as before. In terms of the situation, this time it was a walk in UGM narrower because the density of traffic flow.

The first days in college a lot of things that become a burden and challenge myself. Ranging from teaching and lecture schedule each collision, enough distance between the campus residence, must adapt to the new environment until the background to ilmuku discipline problems that have cost me responsibility later.

Of capital discipline, this time I have extra hard to keep pace,'s known for now I have to wrestle with a course-based engineering / enginering. Also I've got to sharpen myself in English.

Finally, I must be optimistic and full of self confidence. Is not the saying says that working without the conviction means half the job has failed?

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