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24 December 2009

AP1000 Nuclear Reactor China, First in the World

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Nuclear reactor development in China

Development of nuclear power in the world the first time based on the AP1000 reactor technology from the U.S. Westinghouse Electric announced by China in April 2009 yesterday. Development that began with 5200 cubic meters of poured cement in the island province of Zhejiang Sanmen nuclear. Two unit plant will be built in three stages, and the first reactor will begin operation in 2013 and then resumed the second reactor in 2014.

During the processing for these two reactor units, China will start building two more reactors at the AP1000 based nuknir location Haiyang of Shandong province, as contracts have been signed between Westinghouse with the State Nuclear Power Technology Corp. Pwer (SNPTC) China.

Outside the four reactor units being built, now the country has a total of 11 units of nuclear power plants are operating. Three units of which reakor domestic technologies, two units using Russian technology, four units with technology from France and the rest use the design from Canada. On the basis of demand fulfillment that continues meningkan issues and concerns of global warming recently, China has begun to accelerate its nuclear plant, adding up to 60 GW by 2020.
AP1000 reactor chart

AP1000 reactor chart

Although these countries use a variety of nuclear reactor design, AP1000 will be a major player in this reaknot design, according to SNPTC. Four reactors being built now, using "self-reliance program" of China itself. This means that the country fully entrust AP1000 technology based domestic technological progress. For further, China will build AP1000 reactors for power en masse SNPTC. For development in Sanmen Island for example, the construction of six SNPTC menharapkan nuclear reactor units.

Pouring cement for the reactor in Sanmen China also became the third generation of the major stepping stone for Westinghouse Electric. Toshiba Corp.. (purchased by Westnghouse in 2006) is a supplier of water pressurezed first reactor in the world in 1957 to plant in Shippingport. Pa., And now the company's technology is the basis for nearly half of the number of nuclear power in the world, including the use of technology in 60 percent of U.S. However, the new benerasi from the reactor is not seen as successful as the previous generation. And the AP1000 is the only design that is certified by the Nuclear Regulation Commission (NRC) U.S. Fact Four AP1000 reactors in China in 2007 for 5.3 billion U.S. Dollar is the first reactor from Westinghouse since 1987.

Attention to the AP1000 design is beginning to rise. In the U.S., Westinghouse with AP1000nya has become the technology of choice of about 14 units of new plant, including the six units that have signed contracts by the company. On the other hand, the UK is preparing a new generation of nuclear plant attract companies around Europe, is now taking care of the certification only for two new reactor designs. The first UK-EPR, designed by AREVA and Électricité de France; and other designs using the AP1000.

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