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01 December 2009

Toshiba to Verify CO2 Separation/Capture Technology at Coal Power Plant

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Toshiba Corporation, a major Japanese electronics manufacturer, announced on September 29, 2009, that it has completed construction of a pilot plant and had started testing its carbon dioxide (CO2) separation/capture process which captures 10 tons of CO2 per day. The pilot plant is expected to help accelerate the commercialization of its carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology that separates and captures CO2 emitted by sources such as thermal power plants and then stores it underground or in other locations.

The pilot plant was built at the Mikawa Power Plant operated by Sigma Power Ariake Co. -- a Toshiba subsidiary in the power generation business -- in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Utilizing an amine-based chemical absorption system to separate and capture CO2 from boiler flue gas emitted by the coal-fired power plant, the pilot system is capable of processing 10 tons of CO2 per day.

The test operation is to verify the performance of the system. In order to design systems for large thermal power plants, the company also plans to verify the condition of flue gas in live operation and effects of the flue gas contents on performance, as well as acquire expertise in operating the system. The new knowledge will be applied to optimize integration of the system into power plant operations and systems to further advance commercialization of the system.

Anticipating that the demand for commercial-scale CCS in the thermal power generation market will increase globally by year 2015, the company aims to generate 100 billion yen (about U.S.$1.1 billion) in sales in fiscal 2020 by establishing its business to meet the demand in this field.

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