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18 December 2009

Luna Maya ballistic on Twitter

Jakarta Artis Luna Maya re-inflamed the infotainment. Twitternya account, Luna rampage. He called infotainment rank inferior to commercial sex workers.

"More lowly rank Infotemnt dr pd WHORE, MURDERER! May ur soul burn in hell," wrote Luna in Twitternya account, such as quotation detikhot Wednesday (16/12/2009).

The text ditweet Luna at around 00:00 pm. Tweet was written after he attended a movie premiere Ariel, 'The Dreamer,' on the second floor of Plaza EX, Jakarta, Tuesday (15/12/2009) night.

At that Luna out of the cinema by holding Alea, daughter of Ariel. Once Luna appeared, he was immediately assailed the camera infotainment.

When the Luna asked the infotainment to interview in the lobby. All the way from the second floor to the lobby, the camera still highlight Luna infotainment.

Apparently there was a small incident. Luna felt her head hit the camera Alea one infotainment. Presenter 'Strikes' faces showed Itupun upset.

Resentment poured out Luna in the Twitternya account. Not only call infotainment degrees lower than commercial sex workers and murderers, he also shed his anger in another Tweet.

"So confused knp lbh skrng rich man compared with satanic devil ... one's own human disbt've become the devil of all," he wrote again. (Eny / eny)

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