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17 December 2009

How teachers can connect effectively with students and families while maintaining professionalism

by Felisa Daskeo

One of the most challenging aspects in the teaching profession is in how the teacher can connect effectively with students and families while maintaining professionalism. If you are a teacher your role is not confined in the four corners of the classroom; you have to extend way beyond in order to reach out and connect to your students and families. Teaching is one of the few professions that needs a diverse and versatile personality; where the teacher needs to be one person in different personalities who could adapt to different situations where the needs arises. The teacher is usually an adviser, a counselor, a mother where the need arises especially for the small kids, a sister or a brother to the older students and a friend to the parents. Above all these, a teacher must always build a good relationship with students and families. Your closeness to your students and families doesn't mean that you need to disregard your role as a teacher in order to build that relationship. It doesn't have to be like that at all. What the student and the family needs is a teacher who will also be a friend.

No matter how close you are to the student and his family, you have to maintain professionalism. Being a friend to your student and his family does not mean that you will stoop down as low as being considerate to the student who does not deserve a passing grade. It does not mean that the student will do what he wants and you will bow to his wishes because he and his family have become your friends. No matter how close you are to your student and to his family, you should always keep a space between you so that you can maintain your proper place as a teacher.

Although not all students abuse the teacher's closeness to them, it is always right as a teacher to maintain professionalism. You cannot allow your student to treat you as his equal by placing his arms around your shoulder while you are walking or inviting you to a drinking spree where they will soon think that you are game. If you allow this to happen, chances are that your students will likely lose their respect to you and treat you like their peers. No matter how close you are to your students, there are always limitations to it. Always bear in mind that you are still the teacher and you should not give yourself away for the sake of friendship.

To maintain the respect they have for you; always keep a good record and do not allow it to be tainted because once your students see something in you that they could use

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