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29 December 2009

Pros and Cons Ayu Azhari as Vice Regent Sukabumi

Liputan.com, Sukabumi: Pros and cons of Ayu Azhari's candidacy as a prospective candidate Vice Regent Sukabumi, West Java, expanded into the virtual world. On the social networking Facebook, for example, there are at least three accounts created. All three states declined, support, and declined versus supportive Ayu Azhari became Vice Regent Sukabumi 2010-2015 period.

From the observation SCTV at a internet cafe in Sukabumi, Tuesday (29/12), a group that refused to give their account name "Reject Ayu Azhari in the elections of Kenya". Until now the group has a membership of 1441 people. They add a variety of reasons for rejection, are the artist's background Ayu heat.

Meanwhile, a group that supports their account called "Support Ayu Azhari So Sukabumi Vice Regent 2010-2015". And so far the number of supporters to reach 210 members. Their reasons, Ayu could be expected to attract foreign investors due to foreign musician husband.

While the third group have entitled his account "Decline Versus Support Ayu Azhari became Vice Regent Sukabumi". Members of their new range of 44. A Ayu facebooker who refused to question the artist's ability to lead of Kenya, while not a native Ayu Sukabumi [read: Ayu Azhari Start Baliho Appear]. (ADO)

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