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17 December 2009

Developing compassion as a way of life for you and your children

Developing compassion as a way of life for you and your children

by Rachelle de Bretagne

What better reward could there be for a parent than recognizing that they somehow instilled compassion in their children? Compassion is the foundation and cornerstone of successful interaction with others, and is vital to the happiness and balance of a human being. Whether we grasp the concept or not, everyone has experienced compassion in some form, and harnessing the power of compassion and showing it to our children is essential.

*How compassion is developed.

*How to share compassion with a child.

*Learning to forgive.

*Learning to commiserate.

*Learning sincerity.

*Learning selflessness.

*Practicing compassion on a daily basis.

How compassion is developed.

Compassion is that feeling inside which sets you apart from being someone who is self centered and ego driven. Spiritual people know the value of compassion simply because they practice it in their everyday life. The parent who helps a child to understand the fright they inflict on a poor little rabbit when they chase it is exercising compassion. The example they are giving that child is understanding and empathizing with that little creature sufficiently to be aware of consequence of their actions. Similarly when a child is deeply hurt by the loss of a pet, it is his compassion for that pet which makes him sensitive enough to feel loss.

Compassion respects all living beings, nature, peace, calm and harmony, though it goes much further than this. It is developed in small steps throughout our lives, by listening to the needs of others. Imagine being in the place of a child who is starving, and instead of turning away, trying to do something to ease their pain. Of course, we are never put in these situations on a daily basis, though what a family can do as an exercise in compassion is see what they can do for others worse off than themselves. Giving without thought of reward is the best giving that a human being can become involved in. It teaches that the reward gained is a happy heart, and there can be no better example

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