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29 December 2009

Bio Fuel from Nyamplung (Calophyllum Inophyllum L.)

Nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum L.) included in the clan who have Callophylum of knowledgeable enough in the world, namely Madagascar, East Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, West Indies, and South America. In Indonesia, nyamplung spread from West Sumatra, Riau, Jambi, South Sumatra, Lampung, Java, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and East Nusa Tenggara and Papua. To date, the potential natural nyamplung in Indonesia is not yet known exactly, Results of nappe area of Satellite Imagery Landsat7 ETM + in 2003 shows that the standing nyamplung all natural beaches in Indonesia to reach broad total 480,000 ha, and most (? 60%) are in the area forest.
Excess nyamplung as a raw material for biofuel is bijinya rendemen have a high, can reach 74%, and in the utilization does not compete with the interests of food. Some of the benefits of nyamplung reviewed the prospects of the development and utilization of others, are nyamplung plants grow and spread evenly naturally in Indonesia; easy regeneration and bear fruit throughout the year showed a high survival power of the environment; plants relatively easy budidayakan good plant type (monoculture) or forest mix (mixed-forest); match in a dry area, permudaan more natural, and bear fruit throughout the year, almost all the plants nyamplung berdayaguna and produce various products that have economic value; Nyamplung standing forest functions as a wind breaker (wind breaker) to agricultural crops and border coastal conservation and utilization of biofuel nyamplung can press the rate of forest trees as firewood; higher seed productivity than other types (Distance fence 5 tons / ha; palm 6 tons / ha; nyamplung 20 tons / ha).
Some of the benefits of biodiesel produced from oil nyamplung is rendemen nyamplung quite high compared to other types of plants (40-60% distance of the fence, Sawit 46-54%; Nyamplung and 40-73%), some parameters have met the quality standard of biodiesel Indonesia, oil seeds nyamplung have power fuel twice longer than oil. In the test to boil water, oil is 0.9 ml, while oil seed nyamplung only 0.4 ml; have a competitive advantage in the future, among other biodiesel nyamplung blender can be used as diesel fuel composition with a certain, even when used 100% appropriate processing technology, better quality of emissions from diesel fuel, can be used as a substitute for petroleum biokerosen.
Another benefit of the plant timber that is nyamplung including commercial timber, can be used for making boats, beam, pillar, floor boards and planks on the building and housing materials kontruksi light; getahnya can disadap to get the oil indicated that nutritious for the growth of HIV virus . Leaves the compound costatolide-A, saponin and hidrocyanic acid as the nutritious oles drugs for rheumatism pain, cosmetic ingredients for skin care, to heal wounds such as burns and wounds cut. Interest rates can be used as a mixture of oil to scent the hair. Bijinya after oil processed into useful to pelitur, oil and hair oil series, also nutritious for the cathartic and rheumatism. Nyamplung cultivation does not require a large investment.
The availability of land for potential development nyamplung plants also spread across the country. When all of the needs of nyamplung supplied biodiesel, biodiesel will be required as many as 720,000 kilo liters, equivalent to 5.1 million tons of seed nyamplung, with the assumption that 2.5 kg of seeds nyamplung akan produce 1 liter of oil nyamplung; thus akan area required to harvest crops nyamplung at least 254,000 hectares in the year 2025. With a similar pattern with the economic analysis of the study on development of Plantation Forest Rakyat (HTR), which states that in 1 ha 1 person required labor, plant nyamplung area of 254 thousand hectares will be able to absorb 254 thousand workers. With many potential advantages nyamplung plant is a plant that provides multifunctional and benefits to humans and the environment. Multifunctional and benefits include the potential nyamplung plants as forest and land rehabilitation, as an alternative biofuel, and to increase community empowerment (comdev). ant / kp
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Has conducted RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT Biodiesel
FROM NYAMPLUNG seeds (Calophyllum inophyllum L.)
(Year 2005-2008)

R & D Center of forestry research has started producing biodiesel from the seeds of nyamplung intensively since 2005, and in 2008 obtained the results as follows:
  • Biodiesel from the seeds have been tested nyamplung nature fisiko-kimianya by R & D Center for Oil and Gas (2008) and all-is (as much as 17) have met national standards indonesia (SNI) for biodiesel, No: 04-7182-2006 .
  • Biodiesel has been tested nyamplung try on the road (road-rally test) three times, total distance reaches 370 km. From all trials conducted, the results obtained are satisfactory without some technical machinery. Vehicle speed is reached is 120 km / hour.
  • Tests with the engine performance of biodiesel fuel nyamplung still held by the Puspitek LIPI Serpong. Once completed, the result will be submitted for certification in the BSN (National Board of Certification).

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